Linear Learning Across Grade Levels

The common core emphasizes the use of multiple literacies in the classroom to acquire skills that will allow them to become problem solvers and researchers.

In my classroom I have been trying to create problem solvers by giving them enough direction for each assignment and then allowing them to come up with their own unique way of creating a product.  Other times, I will give them choice on how to present information:  art/craft, video presentation, powerpoint presentation.

The difficulty comes when my second graders have not been exposed to certain technology and don’t know how to navigate it.  This means that I have to first do a lesson on how to use the technology and then for the next lessons where they are to use it on their own I have to help them troubleshoot any problems that may occur.

As second graders they tend to want to just ask me how to do it or to fix it instead of thinking on their own what they might do.  This in itself is a separate skill that must be taught.

My question is:  How do you teach students to think and problem solve for themselves when situations arise where they are not sure how to fix something or not sure what to do next?

These research, problem solving, and multiple literacies are carried on throughout all grade levels and I feel like they are most basic at my level so that eventually they are able to take the knowledge we have built in second grade to future grades.  It’s just difficult to want to use the technology when they have not had experience with it yet – so projects take a very long time to complete.

Is there some way to break it down so that we can learn the skills and technology and complete the project in a timely manner?


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  1.   Lynn Says:

    I definately don’t have all the answers, but I think that with sregard to some of the technologies that you mentioned, one answer is that you show students how to use it as a part of a lesson. After you have exposed students to several different ways to present a project or assignment, then they will have a pool of ideas to pull from. I encountered this same issue in thrid grade. Some students had some exposure to different ways of using technology, but most did not. So I found it helpful to teach different tools with specific lessons. Then after I had taught several, groupd of students were able to select which one they wanted to use to complete an assignment.
    I hope this idea helps you in a small way in your search.

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